Peter de Mets

Peter de Mets has been commissioned to compose choral, instrumental and theatrical music by  dozens of universities, churches,and theaters over the last 25 years.  Peter’s music has been performed in the National Cathedral, the National Basilica, the White House, and in concert halls throughout the United States and Canada, His choral fanfare, ONE WORLD ONE DREAM (composed for double choir with text in English and Mandarin), was premiered in Beijing, China as a part of the celebrations anticipating the 2008 Summer Olympics and was also performed in London before the 2012 Games. He composed the music for HOUSE ARREST/WATERGATE THE MUSICAL which premiered in 2010 during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. His Opera, PUSS IN BOOTS was commissioned by Albany Civic Theater and premiered there in 2006.  He is currently working on his next opera, KATHERINE, based on the life of King Henry VIII’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon.  In 2007, Susquehanna University recognized him with their Alumni Award. Peter is a member of the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and a proud member of the American Composers Forum (ACF).

Works by Peter de Mets