Sam Kavanagh

Sam Kavanagh is a conductor and music educator from Dublin Ireland. He holds an MA in Music Pedagogy, and a Diploma in Piano Accompaniment from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest.

His professional activities stem from the philosophy expressed by Zoltán Kodály that “music is for everyone”. On a practical level, it makes sense that not everyone in a society can have access to the highest quality resources for their music practice. The solution to this is to acknowledge that the greatest available resource for music education is the human voice, and that singing (group singing in particular) is the most effective way to train musicianship and encourage enjoyment of music at any level. 

As a teacher, Sam has worked with all ages from primary school children to adults in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Hungary. His thesis and teaching practices focus on developing self-motivated and autonomous students through the use of improvisation in the music classroom. He is the editor of the Dublin Jazz Book, and he currently divides his time between Ireland and Hungary.