Winning entry in The Choral Composer-Conductor Collective's First Student Competition

6 min.

 Premiered by:
C4 (The Choral Composer-Conductor Collective)
Melissa Wozniak, conductor
Noele Flowers, soprano soloist

Program Notes

My parents always supported me in my decision of becoming a musician. Especially my father, who is an artist himself. Anyway, finding myself in the midst of the struggle, I wondered how such a strong, down-to-earth and strict person could be the first one encouraging me to keep going down this uncertain path. One day I bumped into one of his old poetry notebooks and the mystery was solved: I was able to see a more human and sensitive side of him, and most importantly, I was able to see myself and trace the spiritual bond that connects us.

From that notebook I have chosen the three poems that are part of this cycle. All of them are short, acting almost as aphorisms, yet full of color and beautiful images that connect divinity with the deepest human angst: cosmos and microcosmos. The first song depicts a blurred humanity mingling with light and colors of the motherland. The second one sets a storm free in that kingdom of light succumbing to one’s innermost angst. The third one sublimates the effect of the first two by having the moon (the soloist) sing a song that leads one’s return to God.


La luz de mi país es uno de mis atributos
Hablo con azules
Me entiendo con la espuma
Sueño en tonos chillones y resucito cantando

Digo soy porque lo sol

Huele a nubes en el sol
Llueve y no sé
hasta qué lugar de adentro
Canta la luna en el recuerdo
Huele a Dios cuando respiro
— Carlos Alfonso Pérez


The light of my country is one of my attributes
I speak with blue shades
I get along with foam
I dream in loud tones and I’m reborn singing

Digo soy, porque lo sol (I say sun because I’m so)

It smells like clouds in the sun
It rains and I don’t know
whither inside

The moon sings in the memory
It smells like God when I breathe

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