5 min.

Winner of the 2014 ACDA-PA Choral Composition Contest
Premiered at the ACDA-PA conference Fall Choral Conference on Saturday, October 18 at Seton Hill University by the Penn State University Glee Club, under the direction of Dr. Christopher Kiver.

SATB voicing is available by request.


Draw on, Sweet Night, friend to those cares
That do arise from painful melancholy.
My life so ill through want of comfort fares,
that unto thee I consecrate it wholly.

My griefs when they be told to shades
and darkness find some ease from paining,
And while thou all in silence dost enfold,
Then I shall have the best time for my complaining.

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Draw On, Sweet Night (SSAA)

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Draw On, Sweet Night (TTBB) - Casey Rule

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