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2 min.

Commissioned by:

Hope Lutheran Church, Cherryville, Pennsylvania
Dedicated to David Ziegler


Super cuncta, subter cuncta,
Extra cuncta, intra cuncta,
Intra cuncta nec inclusus,
Extra cuncta nec exclusus,
Super cuncta nec elatus,
Subter cuncta nec substratus,
Super totus, praesidendo,
Subter totus, sustinendo,
Extra totus, complectendo,
Intra totus est, implendo.

Hildebert de Lavardin (12th c.)


Above all, beneath all,
Without and within
Contained, but not enclosed,
Without, but not excluded
Above, but not upraised
Below, but not suppressed,
Above all presiding,
Beneath all, sustaining
Wholly without, embracing
Wholly within, fulfilling.

Translation S.S.

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