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Il est bel et bon, bon, bon, commère, mon mari.

Il était deux femmes toutes d’un pays,
disant l’une à l’autre: “Avez bon mari?”

Il ne me courroucé ne me bat aussi.
Il fait le ménage, il donne aux poulailles,
et je prends mes plaisirs.

Commère ç’est pour rire quand les poulailles crient: “Co co dae”
Petite coquette, qu’est ceci?


He is handsome and good, friend*, my husband.

There were two women of the country,
saying to one another: “Do you have a good husband?”

He doesn’t get angry at me or beat me either.
He does the chores, he feeds the chickens,
and I take my pleasure.

Friend, it is funny when the chickens call out: “Co co dae”
Little chick, what is this?

*literally: “gossiper”

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Il est bel et bon (SATB) - Passereau

Il est bel et bon (SSAA) - Passereau

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