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In December’s darkest nights, I drift with ghostly ease
Through winter’s frost-bound purgatory, to ashen-coloured dreams
Where piercing winds and heavy hearts are tempered by the call
Of angels’ song and beauty’s whisper –
I can hear the warmth of wonder,
I can feel the glow of peace.

But daring dreams in mighty valor can’t survive the night,
And in the morn’ the winter wolves advance with arctic bite.

Give me strength and solace and time
To melt away these frozen tears, to cleanse this restless mind.

As the snow falls softly, upon my weary head
Fractured memories speak to me in wounded, dulcet tones:
“With you I am mercy, without you I would die.
I would fall upon my knees, a humble sacrifice.”

And as the midnight fog is broken by this glorious light
So must I defy the dark, in unity we thrive.

Give us warmth and wisdom and shelter and light
To bring us forth in splendor, to traverse the divine.

In December’s darkest nights, the somnolence is rife
With spirits yearning, ever mourning:
“I will be that wondrous vessel,
I shall be that perfect grace!”

Give them mercy and comfort and time,
Give them beauty and solace and light,
Give them mercy and shelter and kindness and calm,
Give them wisdom and beauty and joy,
Give them harmony and serenity,
Give them clemency and tranquility,
Give them love and hope and peace,
Give them strength and warmth and grace,
Give them mercy, give them splendor,
Give them glory, give them wonder.

Paul Doust

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