Energetic rhythms counterpoint the traditional carol, “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.” In the style of Sametz’s well-known “Gaudete” and “Noel!”

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Alleluia! Born is a Savior
Alleluia! Born Christ the Lord.

Bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella,
Light our way to the holy Child.
Wise men from afar foretell a
Savior born of a maiden mild.

Herod’s wrath will ne’er discover
There in the manger by his mother,
“Hush, hush,” Jesus is softly sleeping
“Hush, hush,” slumbers the child divine.

Shepherds gather and kneel by the cradle,
Angels raise your song o’er his bed,
stars shine down on the lowly stable
Heav’nly light to crown his head.

Ox and ass surround him lowing,
Gently he stirs with smiles bestowing
Peace, Peace;
Come and adore
The Prince of Peace, Peace,
Praise to the child divine.

Gloria in excelsis Deo. 

–Steven Sametz
after the 16th c. Provencal Carol, Un flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle

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