O Vos Omnes was composed for Philadelphia conductor, Valentin Radu. On May 7, 2010, Valentin’s son, Mattei I Radu died suddenly of natural causes. He had just finished work towards his Masters of Laws degree from New York University. Peter de Mets was singing with Maestro Radu in the Vox Ama Deus Ensemble when he heard the news of Mattei’s tragic death and wanted to compose something in his memory for Valentin. The text “is there any sorrow like unto my sorrow” seemed appropriate, so Peter got to work on his setting of O VOS OMNES. Valentin conducted the premiere of the piece at a worship service in Philadelphia where he serves as the director of music.


O vos omnes qui transitis per viam
Attendite et videte
Si est dolor
Sicut dolor meus


O ye people who pass by
Pay attention and see
if there be any sorrow
like my sorrow

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