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An arrangement of a Russian folk song about an arduous youth courting his sweetheart.
Shall he go in or out?
Shall he go after her?
The answer is a resounding, “DA!”


Pai duli vwihdul ja, da!
Vodawl vodalinushku, da!
Vodawl voshi rawkuju
Sarvulja vwihrvul ja, da!
Svinuh grada jagadu, dah!
Svinuh grada vihnuju
Taw lihmuhñeli jaguhda, da!
Da ja tsvetawtchek sarvala, da!
Ja vjenotchek zavila
Kinusja broshusja, da!
Kuhma lodsu naka leñi,
Ja u moladtsa sizhu, da!
Jana moladtsa glazhu, da!
Skazhi dushe skazhi svet, da!
Skazhi lubish aliñet, da!
Ja lubit tuh ñe l’ublu, da!
Nagladetsa ñemagu.


Do I go in or do I go out? Yes!
I’ll go through the field, yes!
I’ll go through the big field
Do I pick grapes? Yes!
I’ll pick each little berry from the ground.
Are they for me, these berries? Yes!
I gather flowers from the field to make garlands.
I fall to my knees.
I am looking for the youngest one, yes!
I see the youngest one, yes!
Say something, say sweetheart,
Say if you love me or not.
I love you or maybe I don’t, yes!
I can’t take my eyes off you.

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