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Personent hodie
voces puerulae,
laudantes iucunde
qui nobis est natus,
summo Deo datus,
et de virgineo ventre procreatus.

In mundo nascitur,
pannis involvitur
praesepi ponitur
stabulo brutorum,
rector supernorum.
perdidit spolia princeps infernorum.

Magi tres venerunt,
munera offerunt,
parvulum inquirunt,
stellulam sequendo,
ipsum adorando,
aurum, thus, et myrrham ei offerendo.

Omnes clericuli,
pariter pueri,
cantent ut angeli:
advenisti mundo,
laudes tibi fundo.
ideo gloria in excelsis Deo.

Alternate English lyrics

On this day earth shall ring
with the song children sing
To the Christ, Heaven’s King
Born on earth to save us,
Him the Father gave us

God’s bright star o’er His head,
wise men three to Him led
Kneel they low by His bed
Lay their gifts before Him,
praise Him and adore Him

On this day angels sing,
with their song earth shall ring
Praising Christ, Heaven’s King
Born on earth to save us,
Him the Father gave us

— Jane M. Joseph (1894–1929)


Let resound today
the voices of children,
joyfully praising
Him who is born to us,
given by most high God,
and conceived in a virginal womb.

He was born into the world,
wrapped in swaddling clothes,
and laid in a manger
in a stable for animals,
the master of the heavens.
The prince of Hell has lost his spoils.

Three Magi came,
they were bearing gifts,
and sought the little one,
following a star,
to worship him,
and offer him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Let all priests
just like the boys
sing like angels:
“You have come to the world,
I pour out praises to you.
Therefore, glory to God in the highest!”

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Personent Hodie - Steven Griffin

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