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When I begin to drift into the realm of sweet thoughts,
I start to remember what I’ve done in the past,
I sigh when I remember the things I couldn’t find,
I sadly ponder all of the time I have wasted:

And I weep freely with eyes that do not cry often,
For dear friends who have died countless years before,
And I weep for the lovers I have never been able to keep,
And mourn the loss of those lovers that have vanished in a mist.

Then I sob over past hardships and difficult trials,
And relive one sorrow after another over and over,
As I recount all of the pain and sadness I have felt,
Which I am forced to feel again, as I have done so before;

But when I begin to fondly remember you, my dear friend,
Everything I lost is given back to me, and all sadness leaves me.

— William Shakespeare, (1564-1616)

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