Submit Music to NoteNova Publishing

Why NoteNova?

Developed by a composer and web developer, is designed to make composers’ lives easier. No complicated contracts, no absurdly unbalanced payment structure, and no agonizingly convoluted publication process process.

Most importantly, when you publish with NoteNova, you keep your copyright. You retain complete ownship of your music, which means that you ever decide to move to another publisher, you don’t have to try to negotiate for the release of your copyright, as you would with most other publishing companies.  We want you to have the freedom to make the decisions that are best for your career, even if that means publishing with someone else.

When you publish with NoteNova, you can rest assured that your best interest as a composer is always a priority.

Interested in submitting your work for publication with NoteNova?

Send all material to

  • All submissions must be made electronically. We do not accept hard copy submissions.
  • Scores can be submitted as either PDFs or Sibelius files.  It is preferable to send both formats.

Be sure to include the following in your email:

  • A recording of the piece (Not required, but strongly encouraged.) It is preferable to link to a streaming service like SoundCloud or YouTube.
  • Proof of permission from the author for any text that is not in public domain
  • The name of the person or other source who referred you to NoteNova, if applicable

Feel free to also include some background on the piece; when it was written, who premiered it, where did you find the text, etc. We enjoy learning finding out the story behind the piece.